"Dr. Dave's" Resumé

General Profile:


"Dr. Dave" Foster is a guitarist whose extensive professional experience
includes the following styles:

  • Swing and Jazz
  • R&B, Motown, Soul, Funk and Blues
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Dixieland
  • Musicals, and
  • Disco


  • Sight reading
  • Arrangements, Charts and Transposing
  • Professional conduct


"Dr. Dave" is currently providing guitar lessons at various levels for students who wish to acquire or improve their skills with this instrument.

"Dr. Dave" has taught with Maria Hawkins for both the Ottawa Bluesfest's Blues in the Schools program and Maria Hawkins' Blues 4 Kids programs.

In conjuction with the music faculty at various local schools, these programs present workshops for the children, to educate them in the history of the blues and provide them with the opportunity to learn to sing or play several traditional blues songs, under the tutilage of professional blues musicians, over a series of sessions.

The workshops culminate in the children performing their songs at various community events and fairs. Children from the Blues in the Schools program perform at Bluesfest.

"Dr. Dave" has performed at Ottawa Bluesfest with the Maria Hawkins band, as well as with Maria and the students from the Blues in the Schools program.

In 2001 "Dr. Dave" and Maria performed on the Main, Acoustic and
Gospel stages during Bluesfest.

Pick-up Gigs

As a full-time, professional musician, "Dr. Dave" frequently accepts calls for "pick-up" gigs, substituting with local bands when their regular guitarist is unavailable.

Dr. Dave Jam Host

"Dr. Dave" is good host for open jams and in 2001 and early 2002 applied this talent at the Bayou Blues & Jazz Club and Cracker's Pub in combining artists into some great sounding jam bands for an enjoyable evening of both artists and patrons.

Prior Bands:


Way Off Broadway Productions, 1981 to 1988

Guitarist for several musical productions, including Oklahoma,
Hello Dolly, and Carousel

Dixieland Jazz

The Dixie Rogues

This quintet provided Dixieland and Hot Jazz standards at restaurants, night clubs, hockey games, and private parties. "Doctor Dave" provided solid rhythm guitar and traded solos with the trumpet and saxophone players.

The Exceptions, 1985 to 1988

Bassist in this Dixieland jazz quintet.

Rock, Country and Disco

East Side Players, 1979 to 1982

Guitarist for the East Side Players, a band with a 200 song repertoire
that included rock, country and disco.

Formal Training:

CEGEP College, Montreal

Jazz Program, 1979

One of three guitarists accepted into the program from 70 applicants.
David left the program after a year, to return to touring with a cover band.

Vocal Training

John XXIII Boys Choir

Formal vocal training as a competition soloist in the internationally
acclaimed John XXIIIrd Boys Choir.

For further details reqarding "Dr. Dave's" professional experience,
please refer to his Biography.


"Dr. Dave" may be contacted at: 613-325-5889

or by e-mail (click below):

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