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1. Use of Service

2. Current Blues & Jazz Guide Practice

Ottawa Musicians List Service



1. Use of this Service

Please note that this DI Y Gig listing is fully dependent
on musician involvement in adding and adjusting info on upcoming and
ongoing gigs to help in spreading the word on what you do.

One advantage of the DIY listing is that it allows you to include up to 2000
characters to describe your event including any web or e-mail links.

If you have the User ID & Password, just click
You can get it if you don't in the on-line guide mentioned later.

This will access the schedule for the current month. From that page you can
add gigs for either the current or future months.
You can move to the next
or other months using the right arrow. This allows you to add gigs for future
months, see what upcoming gigs are listed for you and to adjust them if necessary.

Then, either click the Add Event for a new event or click on your existing event to
make any adjustments needed. If adding an event, enter in the Subject line your band
or event name along with the venue name, e.g. my band @ x venue.

Use the Save button to add a new gig or the Update button to add an amended
gig on the schedule. You can also delete any gigs that have been cancelled using the
Delete button.

PLEASE NOTE: For most repetitive gigs, I've pre-entered generic listings on
the calendar. You can determine this if after clicking on your gig you scroll down
and see Repeat Until after the This Event Repeats area.
If you amend the repetitive
gig entry for that day the listing will repeat for whatever frequency normally applies
for example, if you have a special guest to be added for the day,
he or she would
be listed as appearing every week, etc.
rather than just the one week involved.

In this case, it's best to just click the
Update button and when the editable
calendar returns,
click Add Event. Then simply add any gig specifics for the
day as a new entry. The new entry for the same start time will usually appear
just below the generic one.

I've entered most of the ongoing gigs I know to help the artists get the process started.
The ongoing listings at this time run to Dec 31 2010 unless adjusted due to cancellations.

My DIY on-line guide at this link should get most through the process. Just click
On-line Guide for more graphic instructions.

DIY Calendar is Owned & Operated by Musicians & Other Users

This service and its effectiveness is primarily in the hands of the Ottawa musician
community who I consider are its primary owners and operators.

Ottawa Blues, Jazz & Swing Guide simply hosts your service, monitors it for problems
and helps with troubleshooting and guidance.

If you run into problems in using this service, let me know
Just click here. so I can do what I can to trouble shoot them.

2. Ottawa Blues, Jazz & Swing Guide Current Practice

The weekly DIY calendar will be my newsletter replacement. Content will be entirely
from gigs added to the DIY calendar so you're in charge of and responsible for what
it contains and what it doesn't.

I've always operated on the principle that every little bit helps. Venues or artists
gigging in them whose own promo is successful enough to have places bursting
at the seams on a regular basis probably don't need my or the other free listing
services available all that much. Again, every little bit helps especially if a gig is
cover payment based.

So, if too often you encounter the 'empty place syndrome', all I can suggest is that
use of my and the other Ottawa free listing services like Liz Sykes' and
Brett Delmage's newsletters just might make a difference.

The rest is up to you to do something about. I've provided the DIY service process
for your use and lists of who else may help. That's my part in Ottawa Blues & Swing
Guide service restructuring.

I'll still do DIY listing trouble shooting as needed for anyone who needs help
after trying the process.

I'll also continue to process as quickly as I can considering my other demands
any artist profiles submitted to this link:

I can also give occasional guidance on some listing tricks to include an artist
promo shot on the calendar to help attract attention to a gig.

However, I no longer have time to do either the individual listing that many
people now have proven can be done by those most involved, the artists and
the venues, or the more labour intensive on-line newsletter or weekly reminders
especially with the other options available provided by Liz Sykes for blues and
Gavin McLintock for jazz.

3. Ottawa Musicians List Service

As part of my musician services, I've set up a list service for the Ottawa Musician Community.

Besides updates on the Ottawa Blues, Jazz & Swing guide services, the OttawaMusicians list is
your way of keeping the Ottawa Musician Community informed of things that may concern them
you're involved in or know about.

Examples are music workshops and seminars involving instruments and vocals, services
available that musicians may wish to take advantage of whoever provides them. For more
complete info on this list consisting now of almost 190 members, most forming part of the
Ottawa Musician Community, click on this
OttawaMusicians link.

Happy listing and see you on the scene,

Jim Roy, Ottawa Blues, Jazz & Swing Guide

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